Ihana kuunnella vakavasti otettavaa puhetta hevoskirjoista (kuunneltavissa kuukauden ajan)            

Lisää tietoa Pony Tales radio-ohjelmassa esiintyvästä kirjailija Meg Rosoffista, joka sai ALMA-palkinnon (Astrid Lindgrenin muistopalkinto) vuonna 2016. 

               "Prize-winning author Meg Rosoff was born into a nice Jewish family in Boston, Massachusetts, where the emphasis was on doing well at school and learning the piano. She knew her passion for horses was never going to result in actually having one, but managed her obsession with annual trips to pony camp. In Pony Tails (Thursday, 11.30am, Radio 4) she argues persuasively that the animals have a particular appeal to women either before or after their child-bearing years. She got back in the saddle again at the age of 48. “It was like being an alcoholic and coming back to drink,” she says. In the programme, Rosoff visits a conference on pony books in Cambridge and finds other women like herself who still find that the classic horsey story – which often involves spotting the potential in a beast that nobody else fancies – speaks to their depths in a way that no other fiction quite does."